🔱 In a far away land, in the abode of gods, lay Zeus greatest creation, the might hounds. After inheriting the earth and the heavens, Zeus used his almighty power to form half eagle, half lion creatures.

   Zeus' aim was to combine the strength of a lion and the wisdom of an eagle in order to create the most legendary of all creatures. Soaring over the land and skies of the gods, the “Hounds Of Zeus” soon became the most powerful beings touted as the kings of all creatures and they became the protectors of gods.

   These legendary beasts tirelessly fought the wrath of all evil, making then the favorite being the of gods. With unbeatable skills and supreme features, they soon became the most respected and feared of all. ..🔱


What is “Hounds Of Zeus”
     HOZ isn’t your regular PFP offering. We aim to not only provide our holders with original high-quality art but with utility such as Future airdrops, tokenomics, elite alpha dao, custom merchandise, IRL events and a lot more. The aim of creating this project is to bring NFT enthusiasts from across the globe under one roof and create one of the strongest communities out there.

What is the supply?
     The supply of “Hounds Of Zeus” is 1,111. We want to ensure that this is a tight knit group and hence the low supply.

What is the mint price and mint date?
     The mint price will be finalized closer to date in accordance with market conditions and we aim to keep it fair to our members.

When is the mint?
     The priority of our project is to ensure we build a strong foundation which is the community. We are not rushing into the mint and have been growing organically over the last few days. The mint date however will be end of January with an exact date revealed closer to time.

What platform is “Hounds Of Zeus” Launching on?
     We will be launching on Solana. The team behind this project are proud members of the SOL NFT community and are holders as well as builders of established projects. We believe the future of the SOL ecosystem is limitless and we aim to continue building on this blockchain.

What will be the secondary marketplace?
     We will be listed on the top SOL NFT exchanges post mint and are already in talks to get pre-approved. Exact details will be released closer to mint date.

Are you going to certify yourself with anti-rug platforms?
     Yes, we will apply to the top platforms and are already in talks to get the audit done. We want to build confidence within our members, and we will ensure we take all the right steps.